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TVLIFTBOY! in-sight & out

Do you find your television screen dominating your living space? A large black screen, obstructing your view? Attracting attention, even when it is off? TVLIFTBOY brings back the ambiance in your home. Our advanced television lifting systems hide your flatscreen out of sight when not in use. We have various options to integrate your screen in the floor, ceiling or your designed furniture.


To often the lay-out of your living room is dictated by your television screen. Understandably so, because after all there aren’t that many suitable positions to place your flatscreen. It is a different story when you can make your screen appear when you actually want to watch TV. So rather than you positioning yourself in front of the screen, you can simply position the screen to face you! TVLIFTBOY produces high quality lifting systems enabling you to achieve just that.

Top quality from Dutch origin

TVLIFTBOY offers you top quality! With our electronic TV lifts you can set all variables such as place, viewing distance, angle and height in motion, exactly how you want it. Meeting your specific demands and needs.  Unlike other TV brackets, the possibilities are numerous. Our systems are easy to install and suitable for screens up to 80”.

For whom?

We cater for both the residential as well as the business market. Our television lifts are suitable for houses, hotels, offices but also luxury yachts and campers or any other place whereby the television needs to be out of view. TVLIFTBOY supplies not only interior architects, cabinet makers, joiners and AV installers, but also end users like you!

Just visit our showroom!

You are welcome to experience the TVlifts in our showroom. We have most models on display and in operational mode for you. So you can get the feel, and hear and see our product. We gladly give you a demonstration and advice on which type of lift would be best suitable for your application. Any questions or inquiries you may have regarding installation and operation can be answered also.

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